On December 20, 2018, at the conference hall of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating a meeting of the Accreditation Council to review materials and make decisions on institutional and specialized accreditation of higher, technical and vocational and secondary educational organizations was held.

In the course of the work, the Chairmen of the EEC presented the reports on the assessment results of activities for compliance with the standards of the IAAR of the following educational organizations:

- M.Kh. Dulaty Taraz State University;

- S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University;

- Karaganda State Technical University;

- University of International Business;

- Almaty academy of economics and statistics;

- Aksu College named after Zhayau Musy;

- Construction-technical college № 1, Kokshetau town;

- Talgar Polytechnic College;

- Atyrau Polytechnic Higher College named after Salamat Mukashev;

- South Kazakhstan Medical Academy;

- Higher college of culture named after Akan sere, Kokshetau;

- Karakiyan professional college;

- Auliekol Agricultural College;

- International School Haileybury Almaty.

According to the results of the meeting, the Agency will provide final recommendations on the further improvement of the activities of accredited HEIs and TVE organizations, and also sent information to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for inclusion in the Registries 2 and 3.

Information on accredited education organizations and educational programs can be found in the section Accreditation.