On December 21, 2018, a meeting of the Accreditation Council of the IAAR to review of the materials of the External Expert Commissions for making decisions on institutional and specialized accreditation, was held.

According to the agenda of the meeting, reports on the assessment results of activities for compliance with the standards of the IAAR of the following educational organizations were presented:

- Civil Aviation Academy;

- Kazakh State Women's Teacher Training University;

- T.K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts;

- Yesik Medical College;

- College of the light industry and service (Shymkent);

- Republican Center for Professional Development «Sanat»;

- Higher Agrotechnical College, village Chaglinka;

- Almaty State College of Service and Technology;

- Pavlodar Machine-building College;

- Sarkan Polytechnic College;

- College of the Kostanay engineering and economics university;

- Kazakh Humanitarian, Law and Technical Higher College.

It should also be noted that for the first time the Accreditation Council of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating discussed the issue of institutional accreditation of the Institute for Advanced Studies - the Republican Center for Professional Development “Sanat”. Evaluation of the educational activities of the Center was held in accordance with the Standards of the IAAR.

Information on accredited education organizations and educational programs can be found in the section Accreditation.