On April 18-19, 2019 K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University held the International Forum "Quality Assurance Management in System of Higher Education of Kazakhstan", which was attended by leading national and foreign experts (Turkey, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, China). Advisor on Strategic Development of the IAAR Gulnar Iskakova made a report “International accreditation as an effective tool for improving the quality of education”. During the plenary session and panel sessions, issues such as quality assurance of educational programs, internationalization of universities and expanding international cooperation, scientific cooperation and commercialization of scientific activities, etc. were discussed. The exchange of experience and recommendations developed were aimed at further internationalization of universities, strengthening international cooperation, defining promising areas of quality assurance in higher education.

Within the framework of the international forum, meetings with students participating in international programs, the action “Zhasyl Zhelekti Zhubanov” (“Zhubanov Green Plants”), the opening of the center of Polish culture and language, etc. were held.

Zhubanov University is a multidisciplinary university in western Kazakhstan, where more than 13 thousand students are enrolled in 93 educational programs.