Having a high research capacity, modern material and methodological base and the development of innovations in the sphere of education and science, IAAR has all opportunities to be recognized, and be a competitive organization and the center of quality assurance at the national and international level. Fully supporting the strategic objectives of the government through education reform, the IAAR quality policy is focused on the continuous development and provision of quality services in the field of assessing the quality of education for users of all levels: government, society and the education system of Kazakhstan, educational organizations, students. The work with customers is aimed at meeting their needs and focused on the principles of feedback and mutually beneficial partnership based on the maximum responsibility for the commitments. IAAR places high priority on:

• elevating the quality of higher education institutions

• constant improvement of IQAS that complies with international and Kazakh authorities for recognition

• ensuring the unity of policy and development strategy

The administration generates internal environment for the full involvement of all IAAR employees to achieve strategic objectives, tasks of the organization, takes care of the maintenance of competence, awareness and training. IAAR attracts qualified national and international experts for accreditation. The system and process approaches are used for accreditation and rating studies in the management of activities and resources. The development of the IAAR is based on the principles of continuous improvement through IAAR system management; Thus, a focus is placed on improving the accreditation process, the integration of science and education and innovation to respond flexibly to the social order of society and the demands of the market. The main goal of the IAAR is to ensure the constant improvement of its efficiency. The IAAR makes decisions in compliance with the Policy and Strategies development, based on objective information and facts obtained in the analysis, monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of activities. The IAAR is interested in developing stable relations with partners, ensuring fulfillment of the established requirements on acceptable terms.

The IAAR conducts extensive work with educational and research organizations and authorities of the recognition and accreditation agencies. The IAAR administration infers that the quality policy is based on proper understanding and the recognition that each IAAR employee is responsible for the quality of their work and will not accept or carry out any acts that are against the policy in the terms of quality.