Methodology (Ranking -2017-IAAR)

Description of the services on ranking

To the rectors of HEIs  


On January 27, 2017 Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (further – IAAR) on the basis of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (the Main Building, room 208) held seminar for vice-rectors and structural unit heads responsible for ranking. Seminar was held by IAAR scientific consultant Seidakhmetova R. G., doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, member of the IAAR Expert Council Shunkeyev K.Sh., Project Manager on the accreditation of TVE organizations Gasimov R. G.

Program of the seminar included:

• system of independent assessing the quality of higher education;

• methodology for ranking of HELs of RK by specialization and training levels of the specialists;

• оdiscussion of the IAAR experts’ parameters and proposals on changes and additions in methodology for ranking of HELs of RK;

• consultations and training on electronic completion of the program for ranking of HELs of RK;

• demonstration of computer ranking.

Participants were awarded the IAAR certificates on the basis of the seminar results.


Program of the ranking seminar

Presentation of the ranking seminar (27.01.2017)

Ranking of HEIs of RK Seidakhmetova R.G.

Technology of program and institutional ranking of HELs of RK Shunkeyev K.Sh.